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My cellular device has communicated but has never sent any photos

Before getting started, turn your camera off. Then, follow the steps below.  One of these steps may be the reason your camera s has communicated but not sent photos. 


Once you click on Statusif you see your device has low signal (25% or 1 bar), try turning the device off and then back on in a location with better signal. For further insights on insufficient signal strength, take a look at this article video. 

Make sure to select the correct batteries. This step is crucial to ensure your device functions properly. 

  • Be sure to install 8 X new non-rechargeable, premium-brand AA alkaline/lithium batteries (except for the LINK-MICRO-S, which requires a LIT-10 battery pack). 

  • Selecting the correct Power Source (battery type) in the app will allow you to receive the most accurate battery life reading. Select your device in the Cameras tab > Settings > Advanced Configuration > Power Source. Please note that you will not see 0% once the batteries are dead. The % will reflect the battery life at the last communication before your batteries ran out.  

  • It is possible for one of the batteries of a brand-new package to be dead. This would stop your device from sending photos. Therefore, we recommend having a multimeter that could measure the voltage of the batteries to determine the accurate battery percentage. 

Watch this video or read this article for more information on how to choose the right batteries.  


Make sure your SD or MicroSD cards (memory cards) have the following specifications 

  • Your SD or MicroSD card must be class 10, SDHC, between 2GB-32GB 

  • Always long-format before use or reuse. 

  • Always use the size of card intended for the device. MicroSD to standard SD adapters should only be used when reviewing files on a computer and NOT in the device. 

  • In the app: Seeing 0.0GB / 0.0GB when verifying your SD or MicroSD card in the status page of your device means there is something wrong with your memory card. It could be that the capacity or class are incorrect, that it is not inserted properly, or that the files are corrupt 

  • It is also possible that your SD or MicroSD card is corrupt even if it appears normal in the status page. We recommend that you start by uploading your photos and long-formatting the card. If this doesn't resolve your issue, we recommend trying a new or other formatted card before trying the next step.  

  • Always keep extra formatted cards with you to avoid a wasted trip. 

Watch this video or read this article to understand how to select the right SD card. 


Make sure your device always has an up-to-date firmware. Check out the most recent firmware version and instructions for your device by visiting your device’s support webpage. Go to All About my Device > Select your device > Scroll down to the Firmware Update section. 

*When proceeding with a firmware update, make sure you have full battery life (70% or higher). 

Watch this video or read this article for the instructions on how to update your device’s firmware.

If your device still does not transmit photos after having followed the steps above, you may contact our customer support team for further help.  

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