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How to optimize signal strength?

Connectivity issues can be caused by signal strength fluctuations.

Your cellular device may stop sending photos or miss the odd scheduled sync. For example, your transfer frequency settings might be set to 6 times per day, but your device only syncs 4 times per day.

This could happen due to disruptions of the nearest cellular tower.

A few things to know: 

  1. When purchasing a SPYPOINT cellular device, it is important to purchase the correct carrier (AT&T/Verizon or Canadian) for the area where you will be using it.  
  1. Note that the signal strength can differ depending on the location and the cellular tower your SPYPOINT device is connecting to.

    This means that the signal strength you have at home is likely to be different than the signal you have in the field. So, make sure to test your SPYPOINT device in the field, even if you`ve already tested your device at home. 
  1. You can check if your device is communicating by logging into the mobile app > Cameras tab > Status > Last Communication.

    It should communicate within a few minutes, after rebooting your camera. Make sure all lights are off before rebooting.

    If it takes more than 10-15 minutes for the last communication to update, try turning the camera off and relocating it to a location with a better signal. 
  1. 25% or 1/5 bars of signal strength is likely to cause photo transmission issues. 
  1. You may monitor the signal strength of your device by logging into your app > Cameras tab and verifying the strength for the appropriate device. Check it from time to time to see if it is fluctuating. 
  1. The signal may vary from day to day, a device may transmit photos for a few days and then suddenly stop in the case of weak signal strength. 

To improve signal, we recommend trying the following: 

  • Power the device OFF and then back ON. *ONLY power OFF the device when all lights are OFF. 
  • Try positioning the antenna at a different angle. 
  • Try using a long-range cellular antenna (#CA-01) 
  • Make sure to test the signal outdoors or next to a window. 
  • Try installing your SPYPOINT cellular device in a different location, so it can try connecting to a different cellular tower.  

Best practices for better signal strength: 

  • Find a clear area, avoid dense areas. 
  • Avoid large metal/concrete structures. 
  • Avoid the bottoms of valleys. 
  • Check the light pattern of the device for potential errors. 
  • Make sure the antenna is screwed in tightly. 
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