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Video: How to apply a firmware update

To ensure optimal device function, verify that your device is using the latest firmware available. Your cellular device can function on an old firmware, but it is always recommended to use the latest firmware, as it offers improved features and functionalities.  

STEP 1-Verify your firmware version 

You`ll need to compare the firmware version in the app to the latest version available on the product page for your model. If it matches, your camera is currently running on the latest firmware version. Otherwise, an update is recommended. 

Open the SPYPOINT app > Select the Cameras tab > go the Status page. Then check the Firmware Version under Device Information section.  

Go to the Support Page > All about my Device > select your camera model from the dropdown list > and scroll down to Firmware Update section. Then compare the version displayed on your product page to the version displayed in your account. If the versions match, then your device is running on the latest firmware. Otherwise, you may update the firmware.  

For non-cellular cameras, you need to verify the firmware version from the camera screen and then check that with the version mentioned on the product Support Page on our SPYPOINT website. 

Step 2-Important Information 

Before updating the firmware, make sure: 

  • The model on the product support page of the website matches the model in your Camera Status section of the app. The firmware will not update if you download the files of the wrong model.  

  • You have a formatted SD/MicroSD card that is class 10, 2-32 GB and SDHC rated. To format your SD/MicroSD card, you may watch this video. Do not use a microSD card in an SD card adapter. Using an adapter can slow the performance of the camera and can also cause loss of data. 

  • Make sure you have adequate battery power left in your non-rechargeable AA batteries or SPYPOINT battery packs. The camera should never turn off while performing a firmware update. If, for some reason, your camera turns off while a firmware update is in the process, your device will not function afterwards. We recommend that you use new AA lithium or alkaline batteries that are non-rechargeable or use a fully charged battery pack. 

  • Once you download the ZIP folder for firmware update, be sure to copy the files inside the folder, and not the folder itself, to your SD or microSD card.  

Once the firmware update starts, be aware to observe the LED patterns to know that the firmware update is taking place. You may check the individual articles on LED patterns for LINK-MICRO-LTE/ LINK-MICRO-S-LTECELL-LINK or LINK-S/LINK-DARK/LINK-S-DARK.  For cameras with screen, it is simple as the screen will show you that the camera is doing a firmware UI and MCU update. 

Step 3-Firmware update instructions 

Downloading the files from the Firmware Update section of your product page and then follow the instructions in this video. 

  1. Make sure to use a Micro SD card class 10/U1 up to 32GB. 
  1. Format the micro SD card. 
  1. Download the update file from our website. 
  1. Open the downloaded .zip file by double-clicking on it. 
  1. Open the camera name folder. 
  1. Copy the 7 files from the .zip file onto the Micro SD card. 
  1. Verify the copy has been successful on your Micro SD card. 
  1. Eject the Micro SD card from the computer. 
  1. Make sure the camera is turned OFF. 
  1. Insert the Micro SD card into the camera. 
  1. Power ON the camera. 
  1. The camera will run the firmware update by itself for around 90 seconds. («Status» light flashes orange rapidly). 
  1. Then, it will flash green for a short period. 
  1. Then, it will flash orange slowly. 
  1. Then, the camera will restart by itself and it will go through the connection process. («Status» light flashes green). 
  1. The camera firmware will be up to date. 

Select your camera to view the latest firmware version and see if your camera needs an update, and how to perform that update using either a PC or MAC.

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