Step-by-Step Activation
-FLEX series-

Don’t run to the woods just yet.

In addition to your camera, you will need:

8 AA

Alkaline or lithium batteries or

How to choose

FLEX-S only:
allow 12 hours to charge the internal battery.

Memory Card

New microSD card
2 to 512 GB • Class 10

Account information

Your login information.
Click here to create an account


with the SPYPOINT APP installed

Available on
Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Before you go to the field

#1 Log in to your existing account on the APP

or sign up for an account if you don’t have one yet

#2 Add a camera

Click on the cameras tab & then click the + in bottom right

#3 Activate the camera

Follow the onscreen instructions and scan the barcode to activate the camera

#4 Insert memory card & batteries

#5 Power on

Verify STATUS light pattern

Initial turn on of the FLEX will initiate an over the air download of the latest firmware. Please note this initial download process can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

#6 Format your memory card

Immediately hold the format button for 5 s. FORMAT LED will turn green.

Status Light

#7 Press the TEST button to receive a photo.

If your camera doesn’t report within 20 min time

Follow these troubleshooting steps (support page)

FLEX-S only #8 Charge the internal battery

Use the 12V charging cable for 12 hours. When the camera is fully charged, the red status light will turn off.

For more detailed information, refer to the user manual

User manuals

In the field

#1 Install
your Camera

using best practices

#2 Turn your camera on

and verify communication and signal

#3 Test again

Push the TEST button and check the new photo in your app, before you leave the area.

How to Make a FULL-HD VIDEOS Request

  1. From the gallery view, select the video file you think you want to request. This will show you the animated preview in the single file view.
  2. If you wish to see the full video, in the top right corner, tap the button that reads “GET FULL‑HD VIDEO.” This will request the full-length video replace the animated preview at the next transmission.
  3. When you open the gallery view after that transmission you can find that file and go to single file view, or you can filter by full-length videos and select it there.
  4. Press play on the thumbnail in the single-file view to watch the full-length video.

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