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All About Batteries & Battery Packs

Our camera models are compatible with different battery types. Most of our models require AA batteries or a lithium battery back. 

Some of our models support using a 12V external battery pack in addition to the AA batteries or lithium battery pack for an extra-long battery life. 

Make sure you use the right batteries for your model by referring to the compatibility article or by consulting the Quick Start Guide for your device by going to: The Support Page > All About my Device > Selecting your device model. 

Battery Types


We strongly recommend testing AA batteries (even new ones) with a multimeter before use. Make sure they are at least 1.5V and that all the batteries have the same battery percentage (or very close to). If you have one of eight batteries that is dead, your camera could stop transmitting photos.  

Our devices require the following types of AA batteries: 

  • non-rechargeable, 

  • from a premium brand, 

  • that are either lithium or alkaline.  

Off brand batteries may provide unreliable voltage or inconsistent battery life which can affect camera function.  

LIT Battery Pack

Some of our camera models are compatible with a SPYPOINT rechargeable lithium battery pack. We recommend charging the battery pack for a maximum of 12 hours.  

Available models:

  • LIT 22: FLEX Series
  • LIT 10: LINK-MICRO Series and CELL-LINK
  • LIT 09: LINK-S Series, LINK-EVO et some FORCE models.
Solar panel with lithium battery

The solar panel can provide your camera with at least six months of autonomy. Before installation, charge the panel for 5-6 hours with the DC power adapter. When you install it, connect it to the 12V output port on your camera. Orient the panel so that it catches as much light as possible, ideally facing south.

It is compatible with all SPYPOINT cameras with a 12V socket.


The 12V is an external battery pack that provides an extra-long life to most of our device models. It can be used in addition to AA batteries or the SPYPOINT lithium battery packs, as a supplemental source of power.  

Internal Battery

Our solar cameras are built with an internal battery. This includes the LINK-S, LINK-S-DARK and SOLAR-DARK. The solar panel provides solar energy to this internal battery, but it still needs to be charged. This should be done for 24-48 hours by plugging in the SPYPOINT charging cable provided.  

Battery Type Setting 

Please be sure that the Battery Type setting matches the batteries you are using in your device to ensure an accurate percentage reading. To do so:
Open the mobile app > Cameras > Settings (of the respective camera) > Advanced Configuration > Battery Type.  

Camera Settings 

Be sure to adjust the settings of your device according to your needs, but be aware that many settings directly impact battery life like, transfer frequency, photo burst, photo delay, video, etc.
To choose the correct batteries for your camera, you may watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AA batteries and an external 12 Volt battery at the same time? 

Yes, you can. If the 12V battery dies, it will use the AA as a backup.
All our devices are compatible with 12V batteries (which have a much longer life than AA batteries). All you need is the proper cable. 

Why is my battery draining too fast ?

There can be many factors causing the battery to drain quickly: 

  • Transfer frequency: Cellular transmission, especially if your camera is set to “Each Detection.” The higher the frequency of photo transfers, the faster the batteries drain. 

  • Videos: Video mode requires the camera to stay in action longer, which will consume the batteries faster. Also, the longer the video, the faster the batteries will drain. 

  • Night mode: This mode requires the flash to turn on to take a proper photo, which consumes more power. The “Boost” and “Blur reduction” options in Night mode drain batteries faster than “Optimal” or “No Glow.” 

  • Polarity- AA batteries placed upside down. If you have new batteries, but the camera does not display 100% battery level, one of the batteries may be upside down. 

  • Delay: This feature allows you to select the time elapsed before the camera can detect again and take the next photo. If you want to capture multiple photos, you will need to use a shorter delay which means more battery consumption. The shorter the delay, the more photos the camera will take, which will consume the batteries faster.  

  • Multishot:  This option tells the camera how many photos it should take for each detection. The higher is the multishot, the more pictures the camera will take, which will consume the batteries faster. 

  • Low signal: When the signal is low, the camera will try to establish a connection for a longer period, which will consume more batteries.  

  • Power Source: Go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Power Source and check if the correct battery type is selected for your camera. The SPYPOINT app will display incorrect battery reading if the power source is set incorrectly.  

Why is my camera saying the battery is low when I just changed them? 
  • Make sure all the batteries are of the same brand and have the same charge.  

  • Check that all the batteries are placed correctly in the camera; sometimes one or two can be in the wrong polarity and this affects the cameras functioning. 

  • If the camera is communicating with the SPYPOINT app, check what type of battery is selected. If the wrong type is selected, change the selection to the correct power source. 

  • Perform a factory reset to reset the values (this process differs depending on the model of camera). 

If the power issue persists, you will need to contact our customer support team for further assistance. 

Why does my battery say 0%? 

If your battery reading stays at 0%, even after charging the SPYPOINT lithium battery pack all night or using fresh AA batteries, then there may be a software glitch caused by the camera attempting to read from the wrong battery type. This does not affect the functionality of the camera; it will still sync and take photos despite the reading being wrong. 

To fix this issue, please access the Settings Advanced Configuration in the SPYPOINT app and change the Power Source, or if it is a LINK-S, Link-Dark or any other SPYPOINT camera with a screen, then you may attempt a factory reset to adjust the settings. 

How well do SPYPOINT cameras work in below freezing temperatures? 

All SPYPOINT cameras have been tested and have been approved for operating in temperatures from -30 to 50 degrees Celsius or -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you plan on using the camera in very cold climates, we recommend using lithium batteries, as they tend to perform better in the colder weather.

Updated April 15 2023

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