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Getting Ready For The Season: Reinstall My Device

As the hunting season is approaching, and you are bringing out your gears and cameras from storage, there are a few things that need to be done before you reinstall your cellular devices in the field. 


Physical Damage
Verify the following things to ensure that your cellular device has no physical damage:

  1. That the antenna has no physical damage and that you can screw-in the antenna properly. 
  1. That the battery tray/contacts are clean (free of dust, rust, or residue) and that they fit in well. 
  1. That the battery contacts are intact.  
  1. That the battery door is closing properly. 
  1. That the lenses are not cracked or have any scratches. 
*If the camera is having signal issue after turning it on, verify the SIM card for any rust. 

It is always recommended taking the batteries out of the cellular device when it is not in use.
1. AA batteries: Make sure to use new batteries (non-rechargeable, lithium or alkaline, from a reputable brand) after taking your cellular device out of storage.
2. Battery Pack (LIT-9, LIT-10 or 12V): Ensure to fully charge your SPYPOINT battery pack (up to 12 hours) after taking your cellular device out of storage. 

*For the LINK-S, LINK-S-DARK and SOLAR DARK, fully charge the internal battery by plugging it in with the charger provided with the device for up to 48 hours. 

SD or microSD card
An SD or MicroSD card is necessary to operate our cellular devices. Make sure to long-format (FAT/FAT32) the SD or MicroSD card before using it. The SD or MicroSD card must be:  
1. 2GB to 32GB
2. Class 10  
4. A reputable brand 

*You should not use a MicroSD card in an SD card adapter for cameras that require a full-size SD card. Using an adapter can slow the performance of the camera and can also cause loss of data. 

For optimal function, complete a firmware update if your device doesn’t have the most recent firmware version.  

SPYPOINT mobile app 
Ensure you have the latest version of the SPYPOINT mobile app. 

Communication and Transmission 
Make sure to test your device at home before installing it in the field. Verify that your cellular device is communicating and transmitting photos accordingly.  


Install in the field
Verify that you still have a good signal in the area in which your cellular device will be located. It is possible for the coverage of a cellular provider to change, which means it is possible that the signal strength you had in the previous year may not be the same in the current year. 

Test in the field
1. Verify if the cellular device is still communicating (through the status in the app).
2. Change the Transfer frequency to “Each Detection” temporarily* to test the communication and transmission from the field (either from the app or from the viewing screen where applicable).
3. Once all lights are turned off, power the camera OFF and then back ON after a few seconds. 
4. Trigger the camera to take a photo.
5. Verify that you have received the photo in your SPYPOINT mobile app.
6. Verify shot quality (angle, no branches obstructing the photo, not facing sun, must face north/south).
7. If everything is OK, you can head back home! 

 *There may be a delay in receiving the photo as the transmission is dependent on the cellular signal strength in that area. You will only receive the photo once the camera receives a proper signal. 

Note: We do not recommend changing Transfer Frequency to Each Detection for continuous use as it will drain your batteries faster. 


Update settings to match your preferences.
Note that a transfer frequency of more than 6 times per day is not recommended for adequate battery life.  

Photo Transmission Plan
Don’t forget to purchase a Photo Transmission Plan if you need more than 100 photos sent per month. But before you purchase a plan, make sure check out our Insiders Club membership that offers exclusive benefits including 20% discount on our Photo Transmission Plans. 

*Note that the settings will only update on your cellular device at the next communication. 


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