Photo transmission plans

Selecting the right photo transmission plan for your cellular camera with other companies can be difficult. SPYPOINT works to ensure the data purchasing process is as simple and painless as possible. No cellular camera provider offers photo transmission plans with the balance of value and flexibility of SPYPOINT. Remember, because SPYPOINT cameras and photo transmission plans aren’t connected to your personal cell phone provider, you can always choose the carrier network or plan that best suits an individual situation.

Every camera needs a photo transmission plan selected, as plans apply just to the camera for which they are selected. This camera-by-camera flexibility allows you to pay for just the data you need. For spots with a high volume of photos you can select the right paid plan, and for lower-frequency locations you can use the only free plan option available for cellular trail cameras. This flexibility can also be used on a seasonal basis, using the free plan in the off season, and going to paid plans as hunting season arrives.

How to choose your photo transmission plan

  1. 1 Login to the
  2. 2 Press “Account”
  3. 3 Press “Photo transmission plans”
  4. 4 Choose plan that suits your needs

Why go cellular with SPYPOINT?

1. FREE monthly plan offered (100 photos)

You could buy a cellular camera and never pay for a data plan. The free plan transfers 100 images every month to the SPYPOINT App.

2. Upgrade your arsenal instead of replacing it

Take advantage of the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE without having to replace every camera in your arsenal. The CELL‑LINK works with virtually any SD‑card camera, so you can keep using the units you’ve come to trust while still using the most advanced digital scouting tools possible.

3. Easiest activation on the market

You purchase the photo transmission plans directly with SPYPOINT, which makes it simpler than many cellular camera providers. Each unit comes with a pre-activated SIM card, making the activation a simple 3-step process.

4. Flexible plans

You can pay for what you need. If you have a camera in a spot that will result in more pictures, you can choose one of the paid plans, while another camera runs on the free plan.

5. No commitment

SPYPOINT plans can be selected on a month‑to‑month basis, or take advantage of extra savings by paying for the entire year at once. Nowhere is the savings clearer than in the unlimited plan, where you can save 33% by signing up for a full year of completely unlimited image transfers.

6. A camera for every hunter

The LINK Series from SPYPOINT is the most complete offering of cellular trail cameras on the market. From entry-level, budget-minded units, to some of the most innovative and feature-rich models available.