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Lithium Battery Solar Panel (10W) SPLB-22

Solar Panel Front Angle

Before installation: charge the Lithium Battery Solar Panel

Before installing the Lithium Battery Solar Panel (SPLB-22), make sure it is charged.

Plug the DC power adapter in the 5 V input port, next to the TEST button, on the Lithium Battery Solar Panel (SPLB-22).

1. Plug the included DC power adapter into the (IN 5V) port. During this charging process, the red LEDs flash to indicate charge level, while the green light stays steady on. It takes between 4 and 6 hours to fully charge.

2. Hold the TEST button for 5 seconds to display the charge level. Once fully charged (4 red lights), you can install the Lithium Battery Solar Panel and plug it to your SPYPOINT trail camera.

NOTE: Once installed, the solar panel will keep charging with sunlight. The green light will be steady on.

RECOMMENDATION: charge your camera Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack (LIT-22, LIT-10) when you are setting up your Universal Solar Power Bank.  This will provide the most complete autonomy, as the Lithium Battery Solar Panel and the camera lithium battery pack will work in tandem.

Posted on March 15th 2023

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