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Rechargeable lithium battery pack LIT-22

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Extend the battery life of the SPYPOINT FLEX with the LIT-22 rechargeable lithium battery. Simply remove the FLEX battery tray, and install the LIT-22 instead to extend the time between camera visits. For use with the SPYPOINT FLEX only.

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THE LIT-22 is the perfect accessory for the SPYPOINT FLEX if you want to get even more time between camera visits. The 7.4V, 5.4Ah battery slides in easily once the standard battery tray has been removed. Alternate between the battery tray and LIT-22 on visits or get a pair of LIT-22s and keep the camera powered with a rechargeable option year-round.

The LIT-22 offers far superior battery life to a standard set of alkaline or lithium AA batteries, and over time is a much more affordable option for keeping your camera powered.

• 7.4 volts
• 5.4 amp-hours
• AC charging cable included

Keep your SPYPOINT FLEX running stronger, for longer than you’d expect, with the LIT-22 rechargeable lithium battery pack!



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