Why should you use cellular trail cameras?

Hunting isn’t easy. We are chasing animals with thousands of years of evolution to stay alive on their side. We have work, t-ball games, date night, vacation, yards to mow, errands to run. How can we stay connected to hunting, put a plan together for fall, and be successful with all that going on?

Cellular trail cameras can’t ensure success, but they can help hunters stay engaged, make a better plan, without missing out on all those other things that require our time. Isn’t it time you made the switch?

Top 5 reasons to use cellular trail cameras

Scout every day

Plan your hunt based on the latest information, instead of a card pull from two weeks ago because the photos are available in the SPYPOINT app at least daily.

Avoid disturbing your hunting property

No matter how sneaky we think we are, we are affecting the animals that live where we hunt. Avoid card pulls. Avoid leaving scent behind. Have more relaxed animals.

Save time and money

Nothing is more valuable than time and going to your hunting property to pull SD cards takes time away from everything else you have going on. Be where you need to be, and still get your photos.


Camera settings, photos, customizable maps, and weather information used to be spread out over a handful of different apps. No more. SPYPOINT put your entire hunt in the palm of your hand.

Easy-to-understand plans

SPYPOINT makes choosing a photo transmission plan simple, so we use photo counts that are easy to understand. Plans are available monthly, for maximum flexibility, or annually, for maximum savings. We even offer the only free plan in the industry!

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