How Does the Video Transmission Feature Work on the SPYPOINT FLEX

One of the most exciting new features on the SPYPOINT FLEX is the ability to record 1080p videos and make those videos available to users in the SPYPOINT app. But, as with most new things, there are also some questions. 

How does the SPYPOINT FLEX video mode work?

When you put the SPYPOINT FLEX in video mode, the camera takes a :15-second video and stores it to the microSD card. At the same time, it generates an animated preview of the video using single frames from the beginning, middle, and end of the video. This animated preview is what is sent to the SPYPOINT servers intially, and what is available to you in the app. When you open your app after a transmission, your video previews will look like this, with the eye laid over an image. 

Opening this photo into single photo view will show you the animated preview, so you can get an idea of what is availabe in the full video. Maybe it is just a raccoon walking by, maybe it's a doe and not a buck. Whatever it is, the preview lets you know if you want to see the entire video. Transmitting every video would take a tremendous amount of data and would be very expensive. By letting you have a better look at what's in the videos, and select the ones that are most important. When you decide you want to see what is in a video, you just need to tap the "GET FULL-HD VIDEO" button above the preview. When you activate your first FLEX we're giving you five video downloads free, once you use those up, you can get FULL-HD Video packages for just $5 for 20 video downloads. 

Once you request the FULL-HD video, the process works just like the FULL-HD photo on request process. The camera will send the full video file at the next scheduled transmission. When it does, it will replace the video preview in your timeline. You will notice the new Media Types filter at the top of the gallery page. You can choose to view FULL-HD photos, video previews, or FULL-HD videos in this filter, and you will see only those types of media. 

We wanted you to be able to see the action like you were sitting in the woods watching it for yourself, that's why we added video transmission to the long list of functions the FLEX can accomplish. Understanding how the feature works, and how best to take advantage of it will help you enjoy having another cellular trail camera in the woods as this hunting season approaches. 

Good luck this hunting season!



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