See it like you were sitting right there, get HD videos anywhere with the FLEX.

What are FULL‑HD Video on Request packages?

View animated previews in the gallery. Select and receive 15-second 1080P videos with sound directly in the App thanks to the new video feature.

*Available for the FLEX only.

Limited time only

Free Starter pack

*Credited to account upon first FLEX activation

5 FREE HD videos

FULL‑HD Videos

$5 for 20

Buy now

How to Request a Full-length HD Video?


From the gallery view, select the video file you think you want to request. This will show you the animated preview in the single file view.


If you wish to see the full video, in the top right corner, tap the button that reads “GET FULL‑HD VIDEO.” This will request the full-length video replace the animated preview at the next transmission.


When you open the gallery view after that transmission you can find that file and go to single file view, or you can filter by full-length videos and select it there.


Press play on the thumbnail in the single-file view to watch the full-length video.

See the action like you were there in person.


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