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How Can I Create a SPYPOINT Account?

You can easily create a SPYPOINT account from the website, before activating your new camera.

1. Click on "Activate a device" in the top left corner on www.spypoint.com

2. Enter a valid email address, choosing a 10-character minimum password, selecting your country, and providing a phone number. In the Password field, you can click on the eye icon in order to see the password you just typed. Click on "Sign In".

How to create a SPYPOINT account on the website.

3. Once your account created, you can activate your new device. You can also buy transmission plans, Insiders Club membership and HD photo et HD video packages from your account on the website. All your billing information can be managed from there.

4. Use your credentials to log in the SPYPOINT app to activate your camera, manage its settings, and look at your pictures. 

Published December 9th 2022

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