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Tax and Regulatory Fees

Why am I being charge taxes?

SPYPOINT is required to charge and collect taxes (digital service taxes) in certain states where the number of customers and/or market base is significant (subject to state specific regulations).

When SPYPOINT collects these state taxes, the entire amount is remitted to each relevant state’s tax authority on behalf of its customers.

What is digital service tax?

A digital services tax (DST) is a tax on revenues companies generate from providing certain digital services to, or aimed at, users in those jurisdictions. Digital services include online advertising, data transfer services, and online marketplaces. Although there are differences among digital services taxes, most include domestic and global revenue thresholds that must be met for the tax to apply to a company. Additionally, each state has its own definition of digital service or goods, some not using definitions at all.

What are the percentage of sales taxes collected?

Each state and/or county and/or city is different, therefore we suggest you refer to your SPYPOINT invoice to see the amount collected as per your billing information.

More information

For more detailed information we suggest you refer to your state and/or county and/or city’s digital service tax website.

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