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Last modified : 20/02/2024

Photo Transmission (data) Plan and Insiders Club Membership

Are you interested in buying an Insiders Club membership or a photo transmission (data) plan? Or, do you already have a photo transmission plan but are wanting to add more features to your account? Before doing so, it is important to understand the differences between photo transmission plan and an Insiders Club Membership.

First, the purchase of the Insiders Club membership alone, does NOT provide you with any photo transmission plans. Joining the Insiders Club does give you access to a wide range of discounts, and scouting tools on ALL of your cameras. For a complete list of benefits, please read the Insiders Club page .

Second, every device needs a photo transmission plan selected, as plans apply just to the device for which they are selected. This camera-by-camera flexibility allows you to pay for just the data you need. For spots with a high volume of photos you can select the right paid plan, and for lower-frequency locations you can use the only free plan option available for cellular trail cameras. This flexibility can also be used on a seasonal basis, using the free plan in the off-season, switching to paid plans as the hunting season arrives.

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