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How to Properly Test Your Device.

Before testing your device, make sure you have a fresh set of batteries from the same package and a formatted SD or microSD card (depending on the model) between 2 GB and 32 GB. Test your device at home before taking it to the field.

  1. Insert the batteries according to the instructions in the battery compartment.
  2. Insert the SD or microSD card (depending on the model) following the example in the picture next to the opening of the SD card slot.
  3. Turn your unit ON.
  4. Validate the behavior of your device according to the Quick Start Guide. If your device does not behave as it should, try resetting it to factory settings (factory reset).
  5. Turn your device ON to take photos (for cellular devices: make sure they send photos to your account).
  6. To ensure you have the most up-to-date firmware with the latest bug fixes and enhancements, consult the website support page for that device and compare the firmware version listed with the one you see on that device's status page in the app. While updates are not essential to operation out of the box, it is a best practice to deploy your device to the field with the latest firmware version.
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