Before Installing Your Device in the Field

1.     Make sure you have a 2GB-32GB SD card, class 10 (the class is the recording speed of the card). Format your SD card in a computer before using it in your device.

1.   Make sure you have new batteries from the same package. AA batteries should be of 1.5 volt. We suggest alkaline or lithium batteries. Rechargeable AA batteries, regardless of brand, WILL NOT WORK and MAY DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE. SPYPOINT sells compatible rechargeable lithium battery packs depending on the model you have. If you install your device in a cold location, we strongly suggest that you choose lithium batteries because they are more resistant to temperature changes. You can also use a 12 V battery with all our products. A 12V battery is strongly recommended if your device is installed far from your home due to its longevity and reliability.

2.     Make sure you choose the best cellular network for the specific location of your device. If your cell phone works well where you will use your device you can choose that carrier Nationwide(Non-Verizon) or Verizon.

3.     Make sure you adjust the settings on your device before you go to your hunting site. Refer to the “How to Program Settings on my Device” section. Note that cellular devices can be set up remotely if they are able to connect to your app at the location where they are installed.

4.     Make sure you have activated your cellular device with the application. Refer to the “How to Activate my Cellular Device” section. 

5.     Make sure you have all the included accessories before going to your hunting site to setup the device. 

6.     Put batteries in your device and make sure it turns on and functions properly. In the case of cellular devices, make sure that your device transmits photos before you install it. See the “How to test my device” section to make sure. Be sure to turn off your device once you have completed your tests.

7.     Keep your devices switched off during transport to avoid false detections that will unnecessarily drain your batteries taking unnecessary photos.

8.     Bring spare batteries as a precaution.

9.     All SPYPOINT devices are pre-programed with basic settings that are suitable for general use. If you want to change these settings, be sure to consult the following sections “How to Program Settings on my Device” and ”How to properly test my device”.

10.  We also explain the behavior of our different devices. You can consult the “Device Behaviors” section.

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