FULL-HD Photos on Request

Get FULL-HD photos without having to retrieve your SD card

FULL-HD Photos on Request packages allow you to select photos you want to see in FULL-HD and have them sent to your app, instead of having to go to your hunting area to retrieve the card and risk disturbing game.

What does a FULL-HD Photo look like?

Regular Photo


How does it work?

To make a FULL-HD Photo request follow these easy steps.

  1. When you find a photo you would like to see in FULL-HD, press the HD icon that appears below the image on the image viewing page of the mobile app.
  2. This will make the request that the FULL-HD image be sent at the next transmission.
  3. At the next transmission the FULL-HD image will replace the standard resolution image in your timeline.
  4. You are able to view only FULL-HD images by selecting the HD filter on the timeline page of your SPYPOINT app.

How to purchase a FULL-HD Photos on Request package?

  1. 1 Login to the
  2. 2 Press “Account”
  3. 3 Press “FULL-HD Photos on Request”
  4. 4 Select the 50 photos package
    for $5

Once the camera firmware has updated to handle FULL-HD photos requests, the HD icon will appear next to the camera names in your camera selection box of the SPYPOINT mobile app. You can use the FULL-HD downloads on any of the cameras in your account that have the HD icon.