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Steel Security Box for FLEX SPYPOINT cameras SB-500

Insiders Club: USD $ 31.99

Non-member: USD $ 39.99

The SB-500 FLEX security box provides protection for the SPYPOINT FLEX. Constructed of 16-guage steel, it provides protection from threats of the two and four-legged variety. The durable construction keeps the camera housing safe from theft or damage.

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The SB-500 FLEX security box has been designed specifically for the SPYPOINT FLEX so you can keep your camera safe, secure, and sending you photos and videos from the field.

The SB-500 uses solid materials and a model-specific design to ensure a secure fit and function. The 16-gauge zinc-coated steel frame conceals and protects the camera case from damage or theft.

• 16-guage steel
• Padlock compatible
• Multiple mounting options

The SB-500 is equipped with holes for both pad and cable locks, so you have flexibility when mounting your camera. Additionally, holes in the back allow for the box to be screwed directly to a tree or post.

Compatible with FLEX and FLEX G-36 models.



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