Introducing the

LM2 camera

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The evolution of the revolution.

The LM2 builds on the SPYPOINT legacy of value and outperforming the expectations of the hunter. Millions of SPYPOINT cellular trail cameras later, more hunters than ever are reaping the benefits of mobile scouting that cellular cameras allow, and the LM2 takes that commitment to value and performance to the next level.

Key Features

  • Photo Transmission
  • 20 Megapixels
  • Optimized Antenna
  • 0.5s Responsive Trigger
  • 90 ft. Flash & Detection Range

Delivering Value to Every Hunter

Free Photo transmission

100 photos. Every month. No fees. No commitment.

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Don't miss a single detail or photo
with the LM2 Camera

Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Cellular Trail Cameras

  1. 1 Receive photos every day
    directly on your smartphone
  2. 2 Reduce disturbances on
    your hunting property
  3. 3 Flexible transmission plan
    from free to unlimited

Why should you use cellular trail cameras?

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