The SPYPOINT Podcast - Going for a Grand Slam Record with John Cassimus

The single-season turkey hunting grand slam is no easy feat, doing it in 36 hours? Is that even possible? John Cassimus is going to find out.

John Cassimus, host of Darn Hungry joins Brian for this episode of The SPYPOINT Podcast to talk about his upcoming attempt to set a record for the fastest grand slam in turkey hunting history, with a target time of 36 hours!

John is building an entire campaign around his attempt, raising funds for the the NWTF, and giving away tons of prizes for people who donate to the campaign, Donations will also enter you for tiered prize giveaways. John shares where to learn more, how to follow along, and why this is so important to him. You can learn more at

With the turkey hunting talk out of the way, the guys switch over to talking about another one of John's passions; food! Everything from how Darn Hungry came to be, to wild game cooking tips, and pointers for the home chef.

Join us for the latest episode of The SPYPOINT Podcast.

00:00 - Kicking Off Turkey Season

07:53 - The Under36 Grand Slam Challenge

13:59 - The Importance of the NWTF

17:25 - Where to Follow or Donate

24:11 - How did Darn Hungry Get Started

29:26 - Goals for Darn Hungry

31:03 - Be Willing to Try

33:01 - Hunting is Three Things

35:18 - Tips for Cooking Wild Game

41:26 - Where to Find and Follow John

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