The SPYPOINT Podcast - Recapping a Successful 2020 with Josh Pretzer

While 2020 was different, there were still a lot of great deer taken.

We talk about two of them in this episode! Brian is joined by Josh Pretzer, host of Building Whitetails to recap the first year of Building Whitetails, and the year in the deer woods. Launching a habitat series can be overwhelming, and there is a lot to cover, but the viewer feedback was great, and Josh talks about how the year went in general, and how Building Whitetails is going to keep it fresh moving forward.

Josh turns the tables on Brian a little bit and gets into how the first year GameChangers, the SPYPOINT hunting series, when for Brian and Billy. They talk about hunts that are planned for 2021, and some of the favorite moments for each of them.

00:00 - How Did Building Whitetails Get Started?

03:39 - 2020 Deer Season Success

22:55 - How to Top 2020

26:07 - How to Make it Work on Small Plots

30:45 - Ask me Anything with Josh Pretzer

35:37 - Year One of GameChangers

40:21 - GameChangers in 2021

41:57 - Have you Seen Darn Hungry?

42:35 - The Insider Magazine

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