Darn Hungry - Meet John Cassimus

In 2020, we brought you a hunting series, a habitat series, and a podcast. As the new year approaches, get ready for what we’re bringing next; a cooking series. For most of us, a connection to our food is part of why we hunt, and who doesn’t appreciate a well-prepared meal? So, in 2021 we’re introducing you to John Cassimus, host of the new SPYPOINT cooking series “Darn Hungry.”

There will be some wild game recipes, no doubt, but this isn’t just for game, this is just about darn good food. Lucky for all of us, John Cassimus knows a thing or two about good food.

John founded the fast-casual restaurant chain Zoë’s Kitchen, and had great success with it, but John is the definition of a renaissance man. While he is a successful restauranter and entrepreneur, he’s also a serious hunter, a pilot, cyclist, chef, photographer, writer, snowboarder, and was a letterman on an SEC championship Alabama football team.

John is a respected bow hunter and is a member of several pro staffs, including Hoyt, Easton, Badlands, HHA Sports and QAD.

John has been there, done that, and can probably teach you a thing or two about it. This year, he’s taking us into the kitchen.

Sit back, meet John, and get ready for a year full of good food.

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