The SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK - Extending Trail Camera Battery Life

The SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK - Extending Trail Camera Battery Life

Trail cameras have done a lot to improve how you scout, how long you scout, and the sheer amount of information you have to make decisions when it comes to hunting season. While trail cameras can do all of those things, there are some considerations that can raise issues. Most are tough on batteries, and require visits to make sure they are staying powered up while you are away. 

What if there was a camera that was actually charging itself whle it was in the woods? What if there was a camera that you could leave in the woods for months at a time without worrying about it going dead?

If that camera existed, it would be the SOLAR-DARK.

Reasons to Go Dark

This model is a loaded with features, and certainly lives up to what hunters are looking for. In our opinion, it even exceeds expectations. After all, with a 0.07-second trigger speed, 110-foot detection range, and 90-foot flash range, it’s a beast.

Not to mention other attractive features, such as the ever-popular solar power option, extremely efficient LED system, 12-magapixel photo resolution, and 1080p video.

You have excellent alternatives to photo mode, too, such as time-lapse, multi-shot, and video modes. These are capable of doing things that single-shot photo mode cannot do. Achieve additional scouting goals with these extra options.

Plus, with the 2-year “Know You’re Covered” warranty, you don’t have to sweat it if something goes wrong. Simply contact us, and we handle the rest. That’s serious peace of mind.

In the field, performance is exceptional. It checks boxes, and then some. With the integrated solar panel technology, and invisible LED technology, it delivers a great, innovative, feature-packed trail camera.

The invisible LED flash is made possible from the Hybrid Illumination Technology. Incredibly, you can adjust the flash settings to fit your goals, needs and objectives. This is great, because it helps conceal your camera from the prying eyes of deer and deer hunters alike. On food plots and other food sources, where deer are less likely to notice the camera, boost the settings to catch photos of deer in the distance. In tighter spaces, reduce these to decrease the chance of spooking game.

The internal lithium battery is powered by the integrated solar panel, and this revolutionary design translates to incredible battery life. No longer are piles of AA batteries necessary. Furthermore, connecting this model to a SPYPOINT CELL-LINK and you cut down on trips to pull cards, too.

Solar Dark Specs

  • MSRP: $199.99
  • Warranty: 2-Year “Know You’re Covered” Warranty
  • Battery Source: 8 alkaline AA batteries / LIT-09 battery pack / solar panel
  • Photo Resolution: 12 megapixels
  • Trigger Speed: 0.07 seconds
  • Detection Range: 110 feet
  • Flash Range: 90 feet
  • No. of LEDs: 42
  • Time-Lapse Mode: Yes
  • Multi-Shot Mode: Yes (up to six)
  • Video Mode: Yes (1080p)

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