The SPYPOINT Podcast - Interview with Melissa Bachman

The SPYPOINT Podcast - Interview with Melissa Bachman

Your host, Brian Stephens, intros the latest episode. He's joined by Winchester Deadly Passion's Melissa Bachman. They kick things off by discussing the weather, current events and what they are both up to.

Then, she talks about how he broke into the outdoor industry. It wasn't easy, and for her first job, she worked for free. However, that got her foot in the door, and jump-started her career. The two hunters also talk about outdoor media, and what it takes to produce a successful hunting show. A lot of factors play in, and producing a show isn't easy.

Next, each of them dives into late-season deer hunting. They cover how to battle the cold, scout for deer, and other big-buck tactics geared toward the latter portions of deer season.

After covering some tips and tactics, Bachman then goes on to tell the story of one of her favorite bucks of all time. It's a Boone & Crockett whitetail from close to home. Finally, after hearing some of her plans for the future, Bachman concludes with things to watch for on the horizon, and even provides some additional deer hunting tips and tactics.

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