Building Whitetails - Early Season Strategies

Deer season is almost here. We have lots to finish before it arrives, though. It’s time to complete our trail camera placement before fall officially gets here. Today, that’s our primary topic of discussion.

To begin, we’ll discuss whitetail behavior, how they prefer to maneuver the landscape, and much more. Don’t try to force deer do something. Instead, observe how they naturally traverse the area, and then encourage and enhance it. Optimize their historical habits for hunting purposes.

Maximize trail camera effectiveness by choosing the right locations. Place cellular cameras with solar panels in areas you don’t want to frequently invade and leave scent. Such locations might include bedding areas, staging areas, great stand locations, and more.

This is also a period for last-minute food plot preparation. The window for planting is closed for most hunters, but maintenance is still important. Finish that with a final application of fertilizer before deer begin pounding the grub.

All things considered, deer season is knocking on the door, and already open for others. It’s going to be a fun fall and winter.

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