How to Evaluate and Monitor Early-Season Food Sources

Early-season whitetail hunts should always revolve around the deer's stomach. It's those food sources the deer are keying on that are critical to finding reliable patterns and filling your tag early. The problem, is early fall is also a time of transition when it comes to food for the whitetail deer. Ag fields that had been green all summer are slowly turning yellow and being harvested, and once they are gone, affect deer patterns drastically. 

As acorns fall and man-made food sources disappear, the deer transition to mast crops and browse. Knowing exactly when this is happening is crucial, unless you want to waste a couple early weekends hunting the wrong food source. Steven Fuller of The Huntin' Grounds takes us through the process of evaluating our early food sources, how to monitor those food sources so you can make the right decisions for your hunt, and how to use that information to fill our tag this hunting season. 

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