GameChangers - Bowfishing in Key West

Bowfishing for most people means carp or gar in muddy creeks or shallow lakes, but for Brian and Billy, it means clear saltwater and mahi mahi.

Brian and Billy make the trip to the Florida Keys almost every year, but it isn’t just for beach time and drinks with paper umbrellas in them. For the guys, the Keys are a bowfishing and spearfishing destination. While most people wouldn’t think of the Keys as a bowfishing hotspot, they’ve got a system for bowfishing mahi in the open waters.

They also take some time to do some spearfishing along the reefs. There’s no shortage of sunny skies, slick water, and beautiful saltwater fish, even a few of the toothy variety. Join Brian and Billy on their annual pilgrimage to the Florida Keys, in pursuit of open water mahi with stick and string.

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