The SPYPOINT Podcast - All Things Whitetail with Dr. Deer

The SPYPOINT Podcast - All Things Whitetail with Dr. Deer


Dr. James Kroll is one of the most respected names in the study of whitetail deer, he talked to the SPYPOINT Podcast about herd health, fawning season, and food plot planning.

Generally, it’s the whitetail buck that gets all the attention. In this episode of the SPYPOINT Podcast Dr. James Kroll explains that while there is good reason for that, focusing on the health and wellbeing of your does is just as, if not more, important in overall land and herd management strategy. Dr. Kroll brings decades of research experience to the discussion, and his insights are virtually priceless.

Dr. Kroll also talks about major misconceptions about food plots, best practices, and why many food plots fail. He also tells you how you may have been looking at food plot seed wrong all along.

This may be an episode of the SPYPOINT Podcast you’ll want to listen to more than once, and have a pen and paper handy, because this episode of full of tips, tidbits, and nuggets that you won’t want to forget on your quest to support whitetail herd health, promote good land management, and have a more successful hunting season.

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