How to Funnel Deer Movement | Building Whitetails

Getting deer to travel where you want them is possible with proper funneling strategies, and that''s just what the 107 Project needs.

Before too much can get done on the 107 Project, the new layout of the property has to be sorted out. Because much of the year the property Josh calls the 107 Project will be home to cattle grazing on part of the property, there's some fencing that needs to take place to keep the cattle where they should be, and to create a zone for the deer that they can use year-round.

Josh uses a combination of five-wire fencing, natural cover, and gates to create a funneling strategy that still aligns with the farming and ranching goals that needs to be mindful of.

The 107 Project is starting to take shape with some funneling tips that you can probably use on your property as well!

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