Wrapping Up The Lodge & Looking Forward to the 107 Project

The process of improving habitat for whitetail deer is never done, but for now we are closing this chapter on "The Lodge." What's next for Building Whitetails? J

osh has been working on making The Lodge a prime destination for whitetail deer.We've been along for much of that ride, but not all of it, so he takes some time to review all he has done, the thinking that went into it, and how you can apply that thinking to the property you have now, or the property you might have soon.

He's addressed everything from sanctuary and security, to food, but also to making sure that the property is huntable in a sustainable way that doesn't have a negative impact on the deer just by trying to hunt them.

It's come a long way, and certainly we can all take lessons from what Josh has accomplished.

The next phase of Building Whitetails puts us all on the ground floor. With a new piece of property in the mix that has had virtually nothing done to it, we can see the approach in a new light as it happens. We can follow Josh as he identifies priorities on the property and works on short-term gains and long-term goals simultaneously.

The next chapter of Building Whitetails is a journey we can all go on together. Hope you're ready!

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