Florida Deer Hunting After Hurricane Ian | GameChangers

Brian and Billy have finally started to get the post-hurricane hogs under control, which means it's time for deer hunting again!

It's been a rough fall on the range with Hurricane Ian's impact running the deer off and letting the hogs come back in. It's taken a bit of work, but the hogs have been beaten back some, and the deer have started to return. That means the boys are back on stand looking for some venison.

Billy has his eyes on a buck called High Brow, and he wants him bad. It's all on the table in Florida, so the boys are with bows and rifles, buck tags, doe tags, and ever-present hogs mean there isn't much getting a pass right now, but Billy is really keyed in on High Brow.

They've got a few days to get it done, and both of them take shots, but how does it end up?

Watch the latest episode of GameChangers to find out....

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