2022 Hunting & Fishing Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Hunting & Fishing Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for the hunter or angler on your list can be difficult if you yourself aren't an outdoor enthusiast. 

Maybe you love being outdoors but aren't sure what to ask for, or are really particular about certain gear. 

No doubt this list has something that you will want to give or receive this holiday season!

TruEarz Ready-Fit Shooter - $49.50-$59.50 – www.wildear.com
TruEarz’s specially-designed acoustic filters reduce sounds evenly across a wide frequency range including impulse. The filters allow you to turn down the volume (noise or gunfire) without sacrificing what you want to hear. Four filter options are available, including Impulse Filter which is best for loud continuous noise such as power tools, lawn equipment, motorized vehicles, loud sporting events, etc.; Impulse Filter which is best for relatively quiet areas with occasional loud impulses such as gunfire; Lite Filter that works best for moderate continuous noise like noisy clubs/music events, some power tools or even lawn mowers depending on the distance from the noise source; and Toggle Filter – Lite which is ideal for intermittent exposures (in and out of noise.) Keeping the Toggle Filter open is best for moderate noise, while keeping the Toggle Filter closed is best for high to very high noise. This non-electronic product includes two base TruEarz™ Ready Fit Hearing Protection units (one for each ear), one set of your Filter Selection, one set of Standard Comply™ Tips, a lanyard with clothing clip, and a zipper Ear set Pouch. Additional Ready-Fit tips in slim, standard and large and 3-Flange are available as a separate purchase. 

Steelhead Outdoors Case Keeper - $49.00 – www.steelheadoutdoors.com
Steelhead Outdoors introduces the Case Keeper to expand storage options on the outside of gun safes. Like its line of modular gun safes, the Case Keeper is Made in America. This magnetic accessory is designed to attach to the upper corner of a safe and can hold a maximum of 30 lbs. A stainless-steel rod with eight stainless-steel hooks attaches to the exterior corner of a safe by a magnet-backed steel bracket. The bracket has a durable black textured powder coating. The S-hooks provide an adjustable system capable of holding soft cases, game calls, rangefinders, optics or other items capable of hanging on a hook. Case Keeper will work on any 18” deep safe from any gun safe manufacturer and fits on all Steelhead Outdoors modular gun safes.

Rose Metal Products MOWok Collapsible Grille – $349.95 - www.rmpstore.com
The MOWok Collapsible Grill makes outdoor cooking a simple task for everyone! With its slim line design and pack ability this cooker can be used for all outdoor cooking activities. We designed it with multi stage 10”, 12”, 14”, and 18" cutouts so you can use your own existing pots, pans and cast iron skillets. Evenly heat and cook all kinds of delicious meals in no time with its easy to set up design. Enjoy the convenience of immediate heat provided with a propane burner and waste no time after a tiring day of outdoor fun and activities. RMP’s MOWok is such a great and fun way to cook in the outdoors. Designed after farmers were reluctant to be wasteful they would reuse their old plow discs and make them into efficient cooking surfaces. With a slim design you can pack this cooking disc away easily and be ready for some awesome meals in the great outdoors! Use it for your RV camping, lake side camping or during a hunting trip. You can even use it at home on your patio! Cooking a single meal for the entire family is no hassle at all. Prepare a full disc of your favorite fajitas or even some breakfast pancakes! Fry up some hash browns with some sizzling bacon or make a batch of scrambled eggs for your morning breakfast. The MOWok can have you creating a great outdoor cooking experience time and time again. *Propane Tank/Bottle not supplied

Outdoor Edge RazorGuide Pak - $139.95 – www.outdooredge.com
The RazorGuide Pak is the perfect hunter’s combo kit for taking care of the largest big game animals in the field all the way to the table. It is built to withstand the use and abuse of guides, outfitters, and serious hunters while being small enough to fit into your daypack, truck, or side-by-side. Included in the Pak are two of Outdoor Edge’s most popular knives – the RazorBone™ and the RazorCape™, as well as the multipurpose Flip N Zip folding aluminum saw that works equally well on bone or wood. Both knives feature the Outdoor Edge patented Replaceable Blade System and a host of different blade profiles, including two of the newly designed 3.0-inch caping blades, a single 3 ½-inch gutting blade, two 3 ½-inch drop-point blades and two 5.0-inch boning/fillet blades. The RazorGuide Pak comes in a premium waxed canvas roll pack, which converts into a belt scabbard. This unique design keeps everything separated, protected, and organized until it’s time to get to work.

St. Croix X-Trek Freshwater Fishing Systems - $175-$190 – www.stcroixrods.com
All-new St. Croix X-Trek (pronounced cross-trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems appeal to anglers seeking precision-balanced, elevated, and handcrafted performance in a pre-matched spinning-rod and reel from a brand they can trust. Engineered from a blank slate, four lightweight, balanced and versatile X-Trek models feature St. Croix’s newest formulation of sensitive and durable SCII carbon, further strengthened with FRS technology, matched with smooth, lightweight and rock-solid X-Trek spinning reels.

Lethal Back Seat Bow Sling - $36.99 – www.lethalproducts.com 
Any hunter knows there is no good way to transport or store a bow in the back of your truck. No more! The back seat bow sling from Lethal gets the bow up and out of the way, and keeps it safe from all the other gear rolling around in the back of your truck. No need to remove the quiver to store the bow, and a large pocket for accessories like spare releases or broadheads is a major bonus. The bow comes out with one snap. Give the gift of organization to your hunters this year!

Bringing Back the Lions - $19.99 – Available on Amazon 
Written in an entertaining style by one of the world’s leading conservation writers, this engaging book details how, for generations, conservationists around the world have spent billions of dollars and countless hours trying to restore wildlife and wildlife habitat in areas of sub-Sahara Africa decimated by many factors, including poachers, corrupt governments, hungry local populations, and a lack of education and experience in how to balance current needs and wants with long-term, sustainable goals that benefit both wildlife and local peoples. And while these efforts often produce short-term results, long-term successes have been few and far between. In Bringing Back the Lions, Arnold -- a Distinguished Research Professor of Genetics at the University of Georgia -- details how a small group of professional hunters spearheaded a near-30-year effort to return a once-incredible wildlife paradise from a decimated and near-barren landscape to one of the world’s premier wildlands – the area of Mozambique known as Coutada 11.

Wild Water Deluxe 9 ft 5/6 wt Fly Fishing Kit - $117.00 – www.wildwaterflyfishing.com
Wild Water fly fishing is a great resource for someone that wants to get into fly fishing, but doesn’t know where to begin, on the water. Their kits combine all the gear your angler needs to get started, without having to go through everything piece by piece. This kit delivers a great 5/6 wt rod, a perfect balance for those just getting into flyfishing, as well as the bag and case to keep it safely stored during the offseason or on that hike to your favorite trout spot. It also comes with a pre-spooled reel with leader installed. All those extras like flies, extra leaders and tippets and common accessories are included. As long as your angler is going after common species like panfish, trout, or small bass, this has them covered. Get your angler on the water fast with this great catch-all kit from Wild Water!

LIVETARGET Golden Shiner Swimbait - $13.99-$15.99 – www.livetargetlures.com 
Most of us have heard the old saying, “big lures catch big fish, small lures catch big and small fish.” It doesn’t matter how true it is, when you target big fish, big lures can be really fun to throw. Big swimbaits have become a very popular baits for targeting big bass, and LIVETARGET has you covered. The Golden Shiner option is a great, versatile offering of a widely distributed forage. If it eats other fish, it will probably eat a big shiner swimbait!

Flambeau Formula Bow Case - $220 – www.flambeauoutdoors.com
The Formula™️ Bow Case delivers an unrivaled storage solution with the revolutionary Adjustable Bow Security (A.B.S.) System, a foamless chassis assembly that free-floats critical precision components — sight, cams, cables, and string — for contact-free preservation. The shock-absorbing A.B.S. chassis format features integral tie-down spines that anchor risers using patented Nite Ize Mega™ Gear Ties® to cement bows in place for protection perfection. A mid-weight system (18.25 lbs unloaded) that still offers the protection level of a heavy-duty, thick-walled case, the Formula features an automatic pressure release valve and weatherproof gasket combination that produces an anti-crush and impact defusing air chamber that negates the need for heavier exterior walls.

SPYPOINT FLEX - $119.99 – www.spypoint.com
Dual-Sim connectivity headlines the SPYPOINT FLEX that has been new for 2022. Paired with an optimized antenna, connectivity has never been easier or better. No more choosing carrier models for your hunter! The ability to update firmware remotely, via the app, is also a major time saver. Get photos and videos from the field right in the app with the SPYPOINT FLEX. You’ll be able to spend more time with the hunter in your life when you invest in cellular trail cameras, because they no longer have to make all those runs to pull cards and see what they’re missing. It’s a gift you’ll both love!

Irish Setter® Pinnacle Boots – Starting at $219.99 – www.irishsetterboots.com 
Irish Setter® Pinnacle boots feature advanced technology for greater stability and comfort for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Pinnacle’s patented ATC outsole with Ground Sensing technology allows the sole to shape and contour to rocks and uneven surfaces to enhance underfoot stability. Irish Setter Field Camo Leather, in Earth and Desert patterns, offers superior concealment and coordinates with other popular camo patterns to match a variety of terrain types. TempSens technology helps maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature within the boot.

TickEase Tick Removal Tweezers – Two for $20 – www.tickease.com
When you and your pets go hunting, ticks are hunting you! TickEase is the only 2 sided stainless steel tick remover available that safely effectively, and easily removes embedded ticks. Don’t take any chances with Lyme disease and don’t let ticks ruin your hunt! Tick season is never really over, and hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are especially at risk. There’s a whole host of TickEase products to choose from, but the tweezers are hands down the best tool for proper tick removal. Trust me when I tell you, these are better than your household tweezers. You’ll use them for everything from ticks to splinters, I promise!

LIVETARGET Sonic Shad - $10.99 – www.livetargetlures.com 
Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of blade baits. You can cover a lot of water, and a lot of the water column with one bait, and especially in early spring and late fall when fish can be just about anywhere, I love the versatility. Not to mention you can generally cast these things half a mile. The Sonic Shad uses a dynamic inner-core design to give it a lot of flash. Pop the rod tip and you get a darting action that fish can’t resist. Let it fall, and the flutter is just too tantalizing for bass or walleye to ignore. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for that angler on your list.

Hi Mountain Seasonings Rub 3-Packs - $32.97 – www.himtnjerky.com
Not sure what you are going to make for dinner, but always looking to enhance and ramp up the flavor profile of your brisket, steak, ribs, lamb, chicken or game meat, then Hi Mountain Seasonings new Rub-3 Packs are just what you are looking for. Rub Pack #1 features the Steak Rub, Rib Rub and Poultry Rub and Rub Pack #2 features the Brisket & Prime Rib Rub, Venison Rub and Garlic Pepper Rub. Each 10 -11 oz. rub is carefully crafted to bring out and enhance the natural flavor of the meat you are cooking and create flavors that reveal a new world of deliciousness for you and your guests. Be adventurous and try the different rubs on various cuts of meat and experience how they superbly compliment and heighten the flavors while sealing in the natural juices. The new 3-Pack rubs come in large plastic bottles with convenient dual action flip lids.

Athlon Optics Midas EDC - $224.99 – www.athlonoptics.com
The Midas EDC has been designed for today’s subcompact carry firearms. For those looking for an extra-duty aluminum housing, this is it. With 50,000 hours of battery life the TSR series is always ready. The Midas EDC’s compact footprint is ideally suited for the Sig Sauer P365, Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43 MOS, and many others using the RMSc footprint standard. The EDC is just one offering in the Midas reflex-style red dot family. Don’t sleep on any of the Athlon offerings if the hunter in your life is in need of scopes or binoculars. All will serve them well.

Cries of the Savanna - $17.99-27.99 – Available on Amazon
Sue Tidwell lived in awe of Africa’s extraordinary wildlife. After years spent appreciating the animals in her imagination, the tenderhearted American hated the idea of joining her husband on a big game hunt. And getting attacked by blood-sucking tsetse flies the moment she stepped off the plane gave no hint of the mind-blowing change of perspective in her future. With her initial animosity turning into curiosity as they breathlessly tracked dangerous beasts, Sue formed a surprising bond with their young, government-assigned game scout. And as she became entranced by the tales and wisdom from the Masimba Camp crew, she was humbled by the mystery of the vilified safari and the people who relied on it for survival.Supplementing her own experiences on the elephant-rutted roads with local insights and scientific research into conservation efforts, Tidwell explores how her preconceived beliefs sluiced away under the deluge of reality. And with an evocative narrative peppered with self-deprecating humor, vivid imagery, and over ninety photos and illustrations, you’ll emerge forever changed by the truths this greenhorn found buried in a rugged and romantic landscape.Cries of the Savanna is an unflinching and passionate memoir. If you like awe-inspiring adventures, truth revealed through laughter, and life being stranger than fiction, then you'll adore Sue Tidwell's brush with the wild.

Flambeau Scrapper Buck Deer Decoy - $149.99 – www.flambeauoutoors.com
Born to agitate, not intimidate, the Scrapper Buck's adolescent presentation based on a carving by award-winning sculptor Chris Schiller will coax any buck looking to mark and protect its territory into range. The Scrapper Buck's inferior size and rack, compared to its mature predecessor, The Boss Buck, replicates that of a curious 2.5 year-old foolishly trespassing or looking for love in all the wrong places.

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