Dan Schmidt of Deer & Deer Hunting Podcast

As the Editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine Dan Schmidt has seen a lot over the years. We spray to all fields in this conversation with Dan and get a little controversial!

As the 2022/23 hunting season is opening up across the country, we talk about the general outlook for deer hunters across the country and what they may be able to expect in the woods this fall from what we are hearing.

From there, we take a different approach than usual. While everyone is looking for those hidden gems to go chase a big buck, we talk about those locations that are living on legacy and end up being an overrated hunting destination. Any guesses?

Finally, we get Dan's take on the trail camera bans we are starting to see creep up around the country for both cellular and non-cellular trail cameras.

As always, it's an informative, fun conversation that any deer hunter can enjoy. Visit www.deeranddeerhunting.com to learn even more!

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