Can Trail Cameras Save Lives?

Can Trail Cameras Save Lives?

People use trail cameras for a lot of things. Most of the time they are used to help pattern deer, but increasingly, people are using trail cameras, especially cellular trail cameras, for other things. People are using them for security, or to monitor livestock, and, in some cases, to monitor the security of their livestock.

A couple weeks ago, we were made aware of one such case where what the camera captured was far more important than its original purpose.

Lee and Rhonda Spargo had placed a cellular camera just off their back porch, to alert them if and when the fox that had been bothering their chickens came back.

When Lee’s phone buzzed in the middle of the night, it wasn’t a fox the camera had captured, it was flames on his screened porch. When Lee got up, he saw the reflection of the fire in his kitchen. The house was already filling with smoke, and Lee and his family had only moments to get themselves out of the house, which was all but engulfed already.

Luckily, Lee, his wife, and their two children made it out of the house. Two of their four dogs were not so fortunate.

While the Spargo family lost much, we are glad that they were able to escape their home. Things can be replaced, but life cannot.

To view the full account of the incident, you can see the story from the local paper here,

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