Curt Geier of Working Class Bowhunter Talks Consumer Shows, What Hunters are Messing Up and, and Setting Goals | The SPYPOINT Podcast

Curt Geier and the crew at Working Class Bowhunter are no strangers to podcasting. With over 500 shows under their belt since 2015 and weekly shows, they are one of the originals in hunting podcasts.

With winter behind us, we had the opportunity to sit back and talk about the consumer show grind and where Working Class Bowhunter has been in the past 4 months and where you can see them coming up.

We also spend a good amount of time on what we think hunters are messing up in today's times and how important goal setting is when it comes to future hunts. Curt gives us some great information on making a hunt happen and not sitting back with the mindset of dreaming instead of just doing.

Enjoy the latest SPYPOINT podcast.

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