Melissa Bachman on a Crazy Brown Bear Hunt, Hunter Recruitment, and Coyote Popsicles? | The SPYPOINT Podcast

When Melissa Bachman burst onto the outdoor scene, she quickly gained a reputation as one of the hardest working people in the industry. Over the years she has built an incredible fan following and constantly delivers some of the best outdoor television you can find.

It's always fun to talk to Melissa, and after we caught up at ATA I knew we had to get her on the podcast. First, her and Ben had an incredible brown bear hunt on Kodiak. Full draw on a brown bear at four yards, and that isn't even the craziest part of the story!

The other? Coyote popsicles. Sorry, not going to explain that one, you'll just have to listen.

We also touch on an issue that has been very important to Melissa, and one that I take very seriously: Hunter retention.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, but it goes fast.

Welcome to the latest episode of the SPYPOINT Podcast.

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