How to Hunt the Rut | Building Whitetails

Hunting the rut can be tricky, because not all of the rut is the same. So how do you hunt the rut, and it's different phases? Josh tells us this strategy.

Josh has already had a busy hunting season, getting on his primary target buck early. For most of us though, there's a lot season left, and the best part is just getting here. The rut often brings the most deer activity hunters see all year, and some exciting times to boot!

The pre, peak, and post rut all have their own unique rhythm and function. Understanding what the does are doing at these times, will help you key on bucks, and keep you where the action is. Are the dates hard and fast? No. Plus, depending on where you are, they may be significantly different. That said, you can still use these keys to identify the phases of the rut for your area and change your tactics to match.

We've made it to the best part of the deer hunting year! Time to enjoy it!

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