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Not sure you can make your favorite steamed sliders at home? Think again! John shares his favorite slider recipe this month!

There's some foods you just assume you can't make at home like they will make for you when you go to a restaurant. People think they can't make all sorts of things, when it's really much easier than you think. Steamed sliders is one of them. You probably already have all you need to make your very own steamed sliders at home right now.

Our slider recipe calls for ground beef, but of course you can use venison, turkey, or any other ground meat that you want. Other than that, the ingredient list is pretty short and to the point.

The secret to the sliders is the steamed bun. If you've got a steamer basket for any of your pots or pans, it will work just as good as the cabinet steamers that the chains use.

Don't be intimidated by your favorite food! You can make them at home, and sliders are a perfect example and way to test yourself.

Hope you're Darn Hungry, John is making a big batch of steamed sliders!

What You'll Need:
1 Pound ground beef (makes 8 patties)
1 Onion (your favorite variety)
8 Slider buns
8 Slices of cheese (your favorite)
Pickles and Mustard (or any other condiments you want)

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