Bowfishing Gator Gar in Louisiana | GameChangers

Brian and Billy can't help but make everything a competition, and that doesn't change when they go after alligator gar, redfish, and more in Louisiana. The boys are in Buras, Louisiana with Captain Alan of Southern Style Bowfishing.

This isn't the ditch shooting you might be used to. Like everything Brian and Billy do, this is a little...outside the box. Captain Alan uses airboats to get around in the skinny water of coastal Louisiana in pursuit of alligator gar, redfish, sheepshead, drum, and even catfish and flounder.

When the action is as fast and furious as this, the guys can't help but trash talk and give each other a hard time, which might be more entertaining than the bowfishing.

As expected, Captain Alan puts them on some great fish, and for the most part, the guys do what they're supposed to.

Take a look at a different way to bowfish, GameChangers style!

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