Long-term Clover Plot Management | Building Whitetails

Good clover starts in the dirt. Josh talks about his long-term clover management and fertility plan, as well as how to monitor plot usage.

Clover is the most popular plant used in food plots for deer and most other wildlife, and with good reason. Clover is a very effective plant at pulling nutrients that animals need out of the soil and delivering it in a form that is useful and palatable for them.

For clover to serve this purpose, you need to have a fertility plan that ensures the clover has access to the kind of minerals and nutrients that it and the deer need, so those can be passed on through the growth and foraging process.

So you've done all the work, and the clover looks great. How can you tell how well the deer are using it? Unless you are there every day it can be difficult to gauge growth against foraging activity. This is where exclusion cages come in handy.

Josh talks about how to build and use an exclusion cage to monitor the usage of your plot, and help you make better food plot decisions down the road.

We're getting down to the wire, it's time for all our Building Whitetails efforts to start to transition into hunting season!

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