Taking Late Summer Inventory | Building Whitetails

July has come and gone, and we're in the final stretch leading up to hunting season. Now is the time to get a good idea of what you have to hunt this fall.

Having a good understanding of your deer inventory, both buck and doe, going into hunting season, is critical to making the right decisions relative to what animals to hunt and how many does to take. If you've been working on your property this year, the best places to hang cameras may have changed.

Even if you haven't made changes, maybe you should take a look at your camera strategy to ensure you are getting as much intelligence as possible. Josh goes over how deer are moving this time of year, what their priorities are, and how he looks to maximize what he knows the deer want to be doing, so he can get the most information possible ahead of the hunting season.

He also touches on a couple common mistakes people making when hanging their trail cameras.

We're only a few weeks from seasons opening in most of the country, time to get serious!

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