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Hanging a tree stand is part science and part art. We're back in the runway showing you how to choose a perfect setup, not just one that will work. There's a lot that goes into deciding where to hang a tree stand.

Sometimes the first place you put it works, and sometimes you have to move it around. Worse than that, some areas just don't give you many options when it comes to good trees from which you can hunt. This month, Josh takes us back to the runway to talk about the tree he chose to hunt that location.

If you remember, the runway started out as a timber management location, specifically to see if deer activity could be focused around one specific tree. The intelligence from the trail cameras last year showed that they were using the improvements that Josh made, and the plan was coming together perfectly to use this tree for fall 2021.

Now Josh is filling us in on why he chose that tree, why the improvements that were made support that choice, and how excited he is for fall.

The work never stops for Building Whitetails!

00:00 - Time to Focus on Tree Stands
00:23 - What is the Runway?
01:02 - View from the Stand
02:05 - Choosing the Tree
02:28 - How to Use the Tree
02:59 - How We Got Here
03:40 - How the Experiment Worked

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