The SPYPOINT Podcast | Steve McGrath of Camp Chef on Grilling, Grills & Favorite Recipes

Summer is practically here, and while many have been grilling all winter, this is grilling season!

Steve McGrath from Camp Chef joins the podcast to talk about products, recipes, and more. From pellet stoves to flat tops and everything in between Camp Chef has a full compliment of outdoor cooking implements and accessories to help you become the king of the grill.

Brian and Steve, Marketing Direction at Camp Chef, talk about recipes you need to be trying, tools Camp Chef has to help you execute them, and how things have evolved in the last couple decades with outdoor cooking. It doesn't matter if you are a die-hard chef that's been grilling and cooking outside all winter, or a newbie just getting ready to give your new pellet smoker its first run, there's something for you in this episode of the SPYPOINT Podcast!

00:00 - Meet Steve McGrath
04:02 - What is Camp Chef all about?
07:41 - Reverse searing steak
09:40 - Favorite Recipes
23:58 - Find more from Camp Chef
29:37 - Next from Camp Chef

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