Great Father’s Day Gifts for an Outdoor Dad

Great Father’s Day Gifts for an Outdoor Dad

Choosing the right gift for Father's Day can be difficult. Dad ususally isn't someone who comes right out and tells you what he wants, and in a lot of cases you probably get the "you don't need to get me anything" treatment. 

That doesn't mean we don't want to get him something to show him how much we care and appreciate all he has done and is still doing for us. 

Lucky for you, if your dad enjoys hunting, fishing, or the outdoors in general, we have the best Father's Day gift guide around. No doubt you'll be able to find something that dad needs and will appreciate this Father's Day. 

Torch Gun Case

Did dad finally draw that tag he's been waiting for so many years? Does he just need another storage option when headed to and from the range, or while on a hunting trip. Surprise dad with a quality gun case that lets him know his rifle is protected at home or on the road. The Double Coverage single gun case from Flambeau delivers the kind of innovation and protection you would expect from such a storied brand. Between the two HDPE hard-shell walls, you'll find an air pocket along with strategically-placed anti-crush support studs, for twice the protection of other cases. Not only that, but the Zerust-infused plaque emits an odorless vapor that helps protect items stored inside for up to five years. Dad will be happy, and his rifle will be safe from damage for years to come. 

Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Fillet Knife

The reputation of Outdoor Edge knives is well earned, and the ReelFlex fillet knives fit right into what you would expect from Outdoor Edge. If dad is an angler, chances are he could use another fillet knife. Outdoor Edge offers three sizes to choose from, 6.0", 7.5" and 9.5", so no matter what species he targets, fresh or salt water, there's a ReelFlex option that will make quick work of his catch. I especially like the shape of the handle. The grip is slightly oversized compared to most other fillet knives I've used, and makes for more comfortable fillet work when I have 30 bluegills to clean instead of four good-sized walleyes. If dad cleans fish, get him a new knife. 

Camp Chef 12" Cast Iron Deep Dutch Oven

Does Dad have a chili recipe the whole family just can't get enough of? Maybe he just likes to go camping. Maybe he isn't even crazy about camping but likes cooking over an open fire in the backyard. Regardless, there isn't anything that isn't made better by cooking in cast iron over an open flame. The Camp Chef 12" cast iron deep Dutch oven is the perfect gift for Dad. It's big enough that he can make a batch of that famous chili for the entire family. It's kind of a gift for the whole crew, really. 

HHA Tetra LR Stabilizer 

HHA has been the gold-standard in single-pin bow sights for a long time, but they aren't just a sight company. In recent years HHA has expanded into other archery accessories, and the Tetra LR stabilizer is just another example of that growth. The Tetra LR is available in 6", 8" or 10" configurations, and also available as packages for forward and rear facing mounting options. You can customize the weight of the stablizer as well, so dad can acheive that custom feel he is looking for on his bow. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company Gift Subscription

The venn diagram of dads and coffee drinkers is almost a perfect circle, so help dad with his caffeine habit by giving him a gift subscriptions with Black Rifle Coffee Company. Black Rifle Coffee has made a huge impact in the last few years, and with good reason, they have some truly exceptional coffee. Personally, the hazelnut is a good option, but there are blends and brews to suit just about any preference. Gift subscriptions can be done for 3, 6, or 12 months, and you can do prepaid or pay-as-you-go. However you want to keep dad's coffee pot tended, there's a solution that fits. 

Hunter Safety Systems Reflective Lifeline 3-Pack

We all want dad to stay safe, and for hunters, there's no more dangerous time than when we transition from climbing to sitting in our treestands. The best way to help dad stay safe in that situation is to help him add to the collection of lifelines he hopefully already has. We take tree stand safety seriously at SPYPOINT, because we've had members of our SPYPOINT family seriously impacted by the results of a fall. Don't let dad go to the woods without protection this fall. 


Is dad a hunter? Does he spend time going through trail camera photos and scouting year round? Why not get him a trail camera that lets him focus on the scouting and lets him stay out of the woods a little more often. The LINK-MICRO-LTE is incredibly affordable, and offers all the important features you need from a trail camera, without a bunch of fluff you don't. Help dad save time and money by making fewer trips to the woods with a new cellular trail camera from SPYPOINT. 

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Hunters and shooters alike need to make sure they're doing all they can to protect their hearing. If dad is still fumbling with those old foam earplugs, why don't you step him up to a quality electronic earmuff from Howard Leight. The Impact Sport from Howard Leight offers a noice reduction rating of 22dB to help protect hearing. The built-in directional microphone amplifies ambient sound like range commands to ensure you always know what is going on, but dampers sounds that go above the 82dB threshold, so hearing is preserved. Don't let dad stand on the firing line with mediocre hearing protection, upgrade him to a quality offering from Howard Leight. 

Hi Mountain Seasoning Outdoorsmen Bundle

Is dad looking forward to manning the grill this summer? Is he the king of flame-kissed meats? What about setting him up with the Outdoorsmen Bundle from Hi Mountain Seasonings. He spend most of the year experimenting with combinations of seasoning and preferred meats. As part of the bundle he'll get the Hi Mountain Venison Rub, Garlic Pepper Rub, Canadian Moose Seasoning, Hickory Burger Western Style Seasoning, Deer Steak Western Style Seasoning, and Brown Sugar Brine. The possibilities are almost endless! 

Hopefully we've inspired an idea or two for a gift for your dad this Father's Day, but keep in mind, there's nothing that says you can only get him one thing! Maybe it's not too early to start shopping for Christmas too!


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