Building Whitetails | How to Build and Hunt Kill Plots

Different types of food plots need to be hunted different ways. Do you know what type you have and how to hunt them?

This month on Building Whitetails, Josh shows us two different types of plots on two different farms. While both are clover, they are serving two different purposes and need to be hunted somewhat differently. Josh goes through the plots, their design, and how they will be hunted this fall.

Josh also touches on a common problem for spring food plots, grass growth. If you've planted clover this spring, it's very likely that you have some grass emerging with it as well. Don't despair, there is a solution, and Josh shares that as well.

Summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to get ready for fall!

00:00 - How to Build and Hunt Kill Plots
00:29 - Grass Growing In Clover
01:03 - How to Hunt a Clover Plot
02:42 - How to Build and Hunt a Staging Area
04:50 - What's Next?
06:00 - Nice Try, Josh...

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