Ask Me Anything with Josh Pretzer | Food plot tips, do vehicles bother deer, and more

Spring means food plots are on everyone's mind, and the questions this time show it!

You guys drive the bus on what we talk about in the Ask Me Anything series with Josh Pretzer, and it's pretty clear what you all are thinking about these days, food plots! From tips for first timers, to the best all-around food plot for deer and turkeys, Josh and Collin are talking about a little bit of everything for plots.

It isn't just advice about what to plant in your food plot though, the guys also talk about some things that can ruin food plots. How big a factor is vehicle intrusion? How can food plots and feral hogs coexist?

It's a busy time on the farm, but Josh is always here to answer your questions and give whatever advice he can to help make sure you're on the right path for your own Building Whitetails journey.

  • 00:00 - Update from the Farm
  • 04:01 - How to Deliver Minerals Without Mineral Sites
  • 07:34 - First-Time Food Plot Tips
  • 10:55 - Vehicle Disruption
  • 13:40 - Adding Water?
  • 16:38 - Josh's Biggest Deer Ever?
  • 18:05 - Hard and Soft Mast Options
  • 20:29 - Food Plots with Feral Hogs Around
  • 21:39 - Best All-Around Plot for Deer and Turkeys
  • 22:52 - Closing Thoughts You can follow us on:


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