The SPYPOINT Podcast - Talking Lake of the Woods with Joe Henry

Looking for a vacation spot with great fishing, great food, but not a lot of people? Have you considered Lake of the Woods?

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota and the Northwest Angle are the northern-most part of the contiguous United States. While that novelty is worth something on its own, what really makes Lake of the Woods such a great destination is the wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities the area has to offer. A world class fishery, north woods setting, and resorts that run the gamut from DIY to full-service, Lake of the Woods has something for everyone.

Joe Henry, Executive Direction for Tourism at Lake of the Woods talks to Brian about all that LOW has to offer, but also some of the recent challenges the area has faced. With a portion of the resorts on Lake of the Woods being on the Canadian side of the lake, and the border closing of the last year, they've had to get creative about how visitors can get to where they want to be.

Even with all those challenges, Lake of the Woods is still going strong and kicking out some incredible fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities. Have you been? Maybe you should consider it.

  • 00:00 - Meet Joe Henry and Lake of the Woods
  • 03:04 - Fishing Opportunities on Lake of the Woods
  • 07:12 - COVID Challenges for Lake of the Woods
  • 19:51 - Other Things to do at Lake of the Woods
  • 26:46 - Learn More About Lake of the Woods
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