The SPYPOINT Podcast | Non-Traditional Food Plots, Tips, and Changes for the NDA

Everyone knows about clover and soybeans, but are there other food plots you should consider? Lindsay Thomas of the National Deer Association joins Brian to talk about that and more.

Lindsay Thomas has been with the National Deer Association since it started, following many years there when it was the QDMA. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to habitat management for deer, and he joins Brian to talk about some of the less common food items you can plant that will benefit deer, but also benefit other species as well.

Lindsay brings a unique perspective on how to hunt those food plots, how to shape them, and how to think about those resources that deer use.

Enjoy the latest episode of The SPYPOINT Podcast, and don't forget to share your feedback in the comments section as well. 00:00 - Meet Lindsay Thomas

01:14 - Non-Traditional Food Plots

05:30 - Food Plot Locations

09:20 - Food Plot Hunting Strategies

14:56 - Non-Game Impact

17:10 - NDA Resources

18:56 - Food, Cover, Water

20:40 - Why Do Food Plots Fail?

26:43 - How To Get Started

31:32 - Evolution of the NDA

38:05 - Where To Find The NDA


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