Ask Me Anything with Josh Pretzer - Acreage Needed for Deer Management, Hunting with Neighbors and More!

How much acreage is needed to make whitetail management work? How to do navigate hunting with neighbors? What do you look for in mineral supplement?

In this first ever Ask Me Anything with Josh Pretzer we tackle all these questions and more! Every month Josh is giving us advice on how to maximize habitat for deer, and now you can ask him the questions you've always wanted. Every month Josh will be going live on SPYPOINT social media to talk with you about what you need answered.

Ask about the latest episode of Building Whitetails, or get advice for your hunting property, it's all on the table! Welcome to the latest thing from SPYPOINT, Ask Me Anything with Josh Pretzer.

00:00 - What will the AMA look like?

04:43 - Recent trapping videos

07:57 - What's the focus right now?

09:17 - 2021 "Hit List"

11:17 - How many acres do you need to manage for deer?

13:47 - Tips for shed hunting?

15:36 - Keys for mineral supplements

17:18 - Camera and mineral tips

21:51 - Food plot info

24:12 - Does moon phase matter?

25:43 - Should I hinge cut?

27:00 - Feeding program changes

28:25 - Hunting with neighbors

33:08 - Does water access matter?

35:10 - How to approach public land hunting

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